What is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business?

The free Google My Business is a business profile page on Google search engine of local businesses. It contains a lot of information such as the address of the business, location on the map, photos, contact information.

Google My Business is an account that is important for businesses that have a physical address to gain new customers through Google and must be registered and fully filled before the website.

You can open a new business here

Your Google Business Profile will increase your chances of appearing in the Google Local 3-pack, while displaying more detailed results in search engine results when searched by company or brand name. This information is provided by the data you have entered into my business account.

Google My Business Validation How To ...
Google My Business Validation How To ... After you open your Google business account, you'll need to verify your account to work fully active. You can verify with one of several alternatives to verify the location of the business.

  • By mail
  • With telephone
  • By Email
  • With instant confirmation
  • With collective approval method

Why is a Google Business Account Required?
This feature from Google helps businesses attract more customers. You will have the opportunity to meet your customers in the calls made directly with the name of your business or with the service it offers. Customers can easily access important information such as directions to your business opening hours. They can call you without entering your site with a single click.

Is Google My Business Paid?
Google offers this feature to businesses completely free of charge. You can easily open and manage a business account yourself. There are many companies focused on phone sales that provide this service in exchange for money. In particular, advertising companies that find you from various public directories shortly after the conclusion of applications such as the chamber of commerce or trademark registration may call you to open your local Google account or similar my Google business account on your behalf.