Business Verification

Accuracy is a very important criterion when you process important places like Google maps and google searches. The more accurate your business information is, the more customers will return to you.

The way to access this information is that you need only one Gmail account that will be authenticated by someone else through Google Business before your processing is claimed, and your business information will be administrator beyond my control.

Operation verification is confirmed by an automatic pin number which falls on the fixed line of the workplace, if possible. If not possible, you will receive a free post by google that will be sent to. With the verification code in the mail, the operating rights will be inherited.

After that, all information about the company, address, telephone, overtime, map marking and all other information will be made available and the company will be given the right to manage the mail sent to your company.

Being an approved business owner allows you to control your search data, statistics, posts via google. You have the opportunity to evaluate incoming user reviews. Gain access to data from assistants in improving your business, such as total search images, map rotations, total search statistics

If you want to benefit from this service, just fill out the form on the contact or request page. Return will be provided in a short time.

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