Cookie Law Notice

Cookie disclosure is mandatory.

It includes all control panel sites, seo software sites, sites with membership form - contact form, sales sites, sites that have advertisements on them, all sites that make password recall. Below is the necessary explanatory information regarding the law.

Therefore, your site should be informed to your users by using the lower bar, upper bar or popup-like method.
Please contact to apply this process to your site

For example:

Service content; To provide personalized content, campaigns and advertisements to the users of the Site in accordance with their interests and needs, to group users for this purpose, to determine whether the advertisements are interested, to provide an elite, trouble-free service and personalized experience to your customers and other users while using your sites;

The number of users visiting your site, user type, frequency of visits, user behavior, which site from which your site is visited and after which site is visited, the geographical location of users, etc. statistics, meeting management reporting needs;

It allows you to use Non-Identified Data in a collective understanding by analyzing customer behavior to analyze how users use the Sites and to measure their interest on various pages. This data is collected and processed to improve your site's content and facilitate its use.


Due to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698, the cookie policy published on the websites and the approval required from the users for the use of cookies impose a legal obligation.

Cookie policy Below is a brief overview of what a cookie is.

Cookie files are text files that store your search and usage habits, membership information or advertising preferences on the website you visit. Storing visitors' usage habits allows users to use a more functional website. All forms filled in information on the web sites, contact or membership information that allows you to remember, especially on the site information about the payment information is provided through cookie files.

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the cookie policy must be shared with visitors and explicit consent must be obtained from the cookie on the websites where cookies are used. The cookie policy should include clear information about the type of cookies used on the website, how long the user data is stored, what data is tracked for what purpose, whether the data is shared and how users will reject or delete the cookie files. If this information is not provided and users are not approved for the cookie files, the content and location providers of the websites will be legally responsible. In the absence of transactions under the Personal Data Protection Law, there is a penalty of 250 thousand to 1 million TL.